Tankard Physical Object

Accession Number
Creation Date
circa 1700
Tankard was recovered crushed and had 50 trade beads (1986.008.0637 green, blue, yellow) encrusted to it. Smooth handle.  Excellent condition. 


13 cm H x 12.2 cm W , Item (Overall)

0 kg Weight

Exhibition Label
This lidded, pewter tankard is one of 66 recovered from the wreck of the 1700 London-based slave ship Henrietta Marie. Tankards were found in two sizes on the site – one and two quarts – and this example, with an overall height of 16.4 cm, is of the larger size. Stamped on the inside of the tankard’s bottom is the mark of the English pewterer William Eddon (not visible); there are also four small hall-marks on the lid. These tankards, along with other European manufactured goods, were being carried as trade items – things that could be exchanged along the West African Coast for captive people. Historical documents show that, in 1699, 15 to 20 tankards like this could be traded for a person.